SurePod's Key Differences


Our SurePods™ work anywhere there is a cell phone connection. This means you're no longer tied to a base station at home. Simply place your SurePod™ into your pocket or on your key chain, whether you're out taking a walk or relaxing at home.


SurePods™ come with built-in high-speed GSM network communication and GPS technology. Combining high-speed communication with accurate positioning reduces the amount of time needed to respond to an emergency.


SurePods™ are equipped with the most advanced assisted GPS technology, locating you with precision. Our infrastructure is highly-redundantand you can be secure in knowing that your calls will be answered by our highly-trained staff. Help with be there if you need it.

See How SurePod compares to competing Emergency Alert Systems

SurePod™ Competitors
Works anywhere using cellphone network yes no
Immediate 2-way voice contact, communicate easily w/ help yes no
No installation necessary, comes pre-programmed yes no
Assisted GPS for greater location accuracy yes no