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What is SurePod™?

SurePod is a small and lightweight device that you can use to talk with emergency help both inside your home or while going out. Caregivers, family, or emergency help can locate you in case you need assistance. It can be worn around your neck, put in your pocket or easily hooked onto a belt clip.

Who is it useful for?

SurePod™ is useful for senior citizens who want to be mobile or maintain high quality of life. Users can feel confident and secure that they can immediately speak with emergency help if needed.

How much does SurePod™ cost?

SurePod™ is sold through our dealer partners, so pricing may vary based on your local market.

Why is SurePod™ better than other products?

Most products only work in the home. SurePod works outside the home and anywhere a cell phone works. Also, most products only allow emergency personnel to listen in. SurePod enables you to talk with the operator using 2-way voice capabilities. SurePod is also less expensive than other products. We pride ourselves on providing good quality service at affordable prices.

How does SurePod™ work?

SurePod™ is simple to use. When you press the emergency button, it automatically places a call to our around-the-clock professional help. You don’t need to remember or dial our number --- it happens at the press of a button. Emergency personnel stay online with you until appropriate help arrives at your location. Your family, caretaker and doctor are immediately notified.

SurePod™ includes a private web account that lets caregivers or family members to see where you are. This gives your family peace of mind and in case you need assistance, they can easily find you. You can also enter your medical history, update your emergency contact info and manage your account information.

Where can I use my SurePod™

SurePod works wherever a normal cellphone works. This includes inside your home and when you’re away from home. SurePod uses the T-Mobile network so you can see the strength of the coverage in your area using carrier coverage maps. See T-Mobile's coverage map for coverage in your area.

What if I already have MedAlert or Life Alert?

Most personal response systems don’t work when you’re outside the home. SurePod™ does. This means SurePod™ covers you wherever you go and gets you help even when you’re away from home.

Is the device easy to setup?

Yes, the SurePod™ device doesn’t require any setup on your part. We perform quality checks and take great care in preparing it for use. The only thing you need to do with the device is make sure it’s charged and turned on.

Is the device easy to use?

Yes, SurePod is simple and doesn’t have a lot of buttons. All you need to do is turn it on and plug in the charger.

Does the device interfere with pacemakers?

The FDA states that, based on current research, devices like SurePod™ "would not seem to pose a significant health problem for the vast majority of pacemaker wearers". Here is the source page on the FDA website.